SINCE 1979


SINCE 1979

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Who Are We?

Widdison Turbine Service is a complete well-service company based in Draper Utah. Founded in 1979, we are one of the longest-operating well service companies in the state. With 37 years of experience, you can be confident that we offer the highest level of care and service for all of your groundwater needs.

Be sure to visit the other pages on this site to get more information about the kinds of services we provide. There is also information about what type of clients we typically work for, and information about our fleet, one of the best in the business.

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Widdison Turbine Services has one of the most advanced fleets in the groundwater industry. Learn about some of our workover and drill rigs below, as well as our overland transportation fleet.

Well Workover Rigs

Widdison Turbine Service has a fleet of workover rigs in several capacities for every kind of pump application. Pictured here is our Taylor 200C pump rig. Our fleet includes the following pump rigs:

  • 150,000 lb Taylor
  • 100,000 lb Witchtex
  • 75,000 lb 14-RT Smeal
  • 30,000 lb 10 Smeal

Cable Tool Drill Rigs

Widdison Turbine Service has invested in the restoration of two Bucyrus-Erie 36-L drill rigs. They are the only two rigs of their kind anywhere in the world, and one of the two is pictured here. We use these rigs in our dual-swab development work. We also own one Bucyrus-Erie 48-L drill rig.

Crane Trucks

We own eight front and rear-mounted crane trucks with capacities ranging from 21 to 40 tons.

Frac Tanks

We own five oil-field frac tanks for use with well development and chemical treatments. We use these tanks for mixing and applying chemicals to treat and clean wells, and to hold dirty water during the development process.

Overland Fleet

Widdison Turbine Service owns and maintains a large overland fleet to transport all of its equipment to and from any place in the intermountain west. Included in this fleet are seven flat-bed trailers, and nine pickup trucks.


Widdison Turbine Services offers the largest variety of well services of any company in the state. Look below for a list of the services we provide.

Pumping System Service

We specialize in servicing all aspects of a well's pumping system. From pump replacement to repairs and inspections. We also have experience in well and pump house design to make your wells easily accessible and serviceable.

Well Development

We have created a new method of well development called dual-swabbing that can restore wells to better levels of production than when they were new. It is a process invented by Kyle Widdison that is unique to Widdison Turbine Service. Call us or send us an email for more information.

Well Redesign

We have extensive experience with even the most difficult well redesign projects. We can pull the existing casing and well screens from your well and install new ones. Pictured here is a job where we are installing new casing in an existing well.

Video Logs

Have you ever wondered what is really going on inside your well? We have an advanced system for down-hole viewing and exploration. We can record and see well screens, perforations, holes, wear spots, and just about anything else that goes on down-hole. Pictured here is one of our down-hole camera trucks.

Test Pumping

After a well has been drilled and developed, it is necessary to pump the well to see what quantity and quality of water it will produce. We have test pumps and pipe for every well configuration, and equipment to be able to test pump the well for as long as needed before adding that water into the city's system. We also have a sound-enclosed test engine to keep from bothering the neighbors.

Well Cleaning and Disinfection

In addition to developing wells to produce above and beyond their current potential, we also have experience with cleaning and chemical treatments of wells to improve the quality of the water produced.


We work for a variety of customers. Unfortunately, we don't typically work on small residential applications, but if you get in touch with us using the email form below, we'll help you find someone to meet your well service needs.

Our customers consist mostly of municipalities, government agencies, and water convervancy districts. We do work for mining and farming applications as well.

For More Information

We are headquartered in Draper, UT and service all of Utah, southwestern Wyoming, and southern Idaho. For more information about a potential well project outside of the scope of this area, fee free to send us an email using the form below.


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